Our Themed Hosted Event Parties are perfect if you want to step back and enjoy watching the kids having fun!         Our entertainer will co-host the whole thing, bringing everything for full 2 hours entertainment, keep the children busy with a programme of games and activities preparing them for the 'Main Event' at the end of the party.  They will also be happy to help serve the party tea, and then wave goodbye to everyone at the end of the party. 

Events for Girls:

Events for GirlsThese are the perfect parties for girls – Imagine being The Birthday Princess seated on her throne,or becoming a Fashion Model on her Birthday Catwalk.  Very Special Parties for Special Girls

Events for Boys & Girls:

It can be hard to find just the right party for a group of boys and girls, however our 2 hour Themed Events Parties are sure to hit the right note – there’s something for all ages.

Events for Boys:

Our Event Parties for boys aim to keep them busy throughout your 2 hour party. Lots of action for the most active kids, lead by our young energetic entertainers. 

Events for Younger Kids:

These Event Parties are Perfect for Younger kids who love make believe.  There'll be lots of singing action games, pretend games and dressing up in fabulous costumes make these parties very special.

Events for Older Kids:

Your young entertainer will take the kids through a programme of activities and games specially designed to keep them involved throughout the 2 hour party.  A great variety of Events to Choose from with the added benefit of our Special Offer of 20 Take Home Gifts included in the price.

Seasonal Events:

Each Season we have a Special Event Party.  Watch out for news on our Halloween Event Party where there'll be lots of Spooky Fun and the possibility to include gooey activities too!